Our Approach

Lost from today’s recruitment agencies are the skills that have made Treaty Oak Recruiting a success for nearly two decades.  While most companies attempt to solely rely on complex candidate identification algorithms, sophisticated personality evaluators and impersonal electronic communications our approach remains straightforward and understandable.

We Listen


From the initial introductory call through every touch point we listen to what our clients say.  Our goal is to understand their organization, mission, environment and how each group plays their part.  By doing so, we’re able to not only identify the correct target candidate population but separate out the subset that fit both the job requirements and corporate culture.

We Evaluate


Our candidates are not simply resumes blindly forwarded with the hopes that eventually one will match.  We spend the time necessary to determine what’s important for our clients, including:

  • Why are they looking?
  • What applicable skills do they bring?
  • How strong are their talents?
  • Are they in the compensation range we need?
  • What are they interested in doing?
  • How do they match the environment/culture of our client?

This information is concisely summarized then a candidate synopsis is sent to the hiring manager to provide a more 360º view rather than a contextless resume.

We Learn

study apps

Part of being a great recruitment firm is not just having tools to identify candidates but knowing what you’re searching for.  We constantly stress the need to improve our knowledge base though continuing education in all areas that we serve.  Whether it’s a new programming language, updated federal oversight regulations or recent market events that affect an industry segment we’re continuously working to stay updated with the trends and technology that will impact our clients.

We Care

Young woman and group happy people.

We are very selective with our client partners and thus manage a much smaller portfolio then the large recruitment houses.  Thus, every client is extremely important to our success as opposed to being on a roster with multiple other companies and you’re competing for service.  What this means for you: quick responses and greater attention.