Sample Testimonials

During my job search, I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Treaty Oak Recruiting.  They were extremely responsible, professional and worked with me to prepare me for my interviews with CLIENT.  They set clear expectations with me and provided me with very detailed schedules and information.  They would reach out to me by phone to make sure that he gave it a little bit more of a personal touch.  Treaty Oak Recruiting made the entire journey very enjoyable and it was a great introduction to what it would be like working at CLIENT.

  • Director, Product and Business Innovation – Fortune 500 Energy Company


My position here at CLIENT is exactly the job I knew I wanted in my search three years ago.  When we talked in 2014, it was one of those right place & right time situations.  I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve ended up and the reality is I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t decided to pick up my resume and give me a call.  You were my first contact point at CLIENT so it’s a shame to hear that you’ll no longer be working with us.  I also know that our team continues to try and hire multiple positions and your engagement in that process will be sorely missed.

  • Manager, Renewable Energy Mergers & Acquisitions – Fortune 500 Energy Company